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How to Resize Planner Printables

February 3, 2021
How to Resize Planner Printables — Eris + Dot Blog
Today I listed four "What's for Dinner?" weekly meal planners, and since they're letter-sized (A4), I thought it might be helpful to have a resource for those who need to size them down to fit planner sizes such as:
  • Half Letter
  • A5
  • Personal
  • Pocket
  • Mini
You can resize your planner printables one of two ways:

Adjusting Your Printer Settings

The first way is to adjust your printer settings. After you click "Print," go to "More settings." From there, you'll see "Paper size." From that menu, you'll see A4 and A5 as options, as well as several other presets. You could also try scaling your size, but you'd need to know the custom dimensions of your planner. (See the formula below.) Unless you're using planner-specific paper, you'll need to trim your paper after printing.

I have a personal size planner. More specifically, a Creative Year A5 Binder by Recollections in Rose Gold. (I purchased mine from Michaels, and got the Creative Year 6 Hole Paper Punch by Recollections to go with it.) When I select A5 from my "Paper Size" preset, and do not scale as well, I get a sized down version of my "What's for Dinner?" weekly meal planner, but it's slightly larger than my planner pages. This could be an issue with my specific settings, but it's not a deal-breaker as long as you don't mind your pages being slightly wider.

Using a Formula to Scale

The other way is to use the following formula to conclude what percentage you need to scale your print:

W / 8.5 = A
Width of your planner page divided by 8.5 = A

A x 100 = P
A multiplied by 100 = Percent

Then, round up or down to the nearest whole number.

Your resulting number will be the size you scale.

For example, for my A5 planner, my formula looks like this:
4 / 8.5 = 0.47
0.47 x 100 = 47
47% is the scale I need for my A5 planner.

A Few Things to Note

For me, when I resize my printable, if I leave the "Paper size" as Letter, and select my custom scale percentage (47%), my weekly meal planner gets printed right against the edge of the paper, and leaves no room for my hole punch. But, if I change my "Paper size" to A5, and select my custom scale percentage, my weekly meal planner gets pushed to the right a bit, allowing me room to trim to accommodate my hole punch margin.

Of course, resizing planner printables isn't a perfect science, but it will do if you see something you really like/need, but it isn't specific to your planner size.

I hope you found this helpful! If you're interested in seeing my "What's for Dinner?" Weekly Planner Printables, you can find those listings below:
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