Crochet Pumpkins Set

October 22, 2017
Crochet Pumpkins Set, Stuffed Pumpkins, Set of Three, Rustic, Home Decor, Fall, Autumn, Nature Inspired, Small, Medium, Large, Halloween
Gracing my shop as the first ever home decor listing comes the Crochet Pumpkins Set! This set of three contains one small, medium, and large stuffed pumpkin that are the perfect autumnal accent pieces for your rustic or contemporary home decor.

Suitable for your mantel, entryway, hutch, dining table, and just about anywhere else you'd like to put them, these three pumpkins are available in nine (9) colors, and can be finished with twine bows. Made of 100% acrylic yarn for durability, and stuffed with 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill, these crochet gourds are useful for the entire fall season!

The Parker Collection

Parker Crochet Beanie, Slouchy Beanie with PomPom, Crochet Beanie with PomPom, Tri-Color Beanie, 3 Color Beanie, Women's, Teen, Crochet Hat, Parker Crochet Ear Warmer, Crochet Earwarmer, Crochet Headband, Winter Headband, Headwrap, Ponytail Headband
I'm back, and this time with one of my most favorite pieces... as a collection! The Parker Collection is very special to me, as they're a custom design. A beanie, with or without a pom, and an ear warmer — all featuring a unique stitch combination in a cozy acrylic blend fiber.

The Parker Beanie is a tri-color, semi-slouchy crochet beanie with a pom pom accent. It features two alternating stitch types, a cabled brim and fluffy pom, and is made of warm, premium yarn. Its one-size-fits-most size for ladies is available in nine (9) tri-color options, and four (4) solid options. The chunky, ribbed band is designed to cover your ears, and there is a slight slouch at the top that will be more or less slouchy depending on one's head circumference. If you don't dig poms, you can select with or without via the listing!

The Oliver Scarf

September 25, 2017
The Oliver Scarf, Children's Crochet Scarf, Toddler Scarf, For Boys, For Girls, For Kids, Knit Scarf, Neckwarmer, Scarf for Boys, Youth Scarf
Friday was officially the first day of fall, and I am ready! The cooler temperatures are always welcome, and I am loving the appearance of apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything. In fact, I recently discovered Starbucks' Pumpkin Chai Latte, and let me tell you.... it is a must-try! The only thing yet to arrive in Portland (Oregon) is the changing of the leaves, and more frequent rain.

With these cooler temps comes the return of jackets, scarves, beanies, and the like. Cozy comfies to take the nip out of the air, so you can enjoy those fall favorites like pumpkin picking, hay rides, trick-or-treating, and more. The latest cozy comfy to join my inventory is the Oliver Scarf; a traditional rectangle/long scarf featuring a unique stitch that provides a fun texture and charming appearance!

The Cole Beanie

September 10, 2017
The Cole, Men's Classic Crochet Fitted Beanie, Men's Winter Hat, Men's Crochet Beanie, Men's Crochet Hat, Knit Hat, Christmas, Father's Day
Finally! Headwear for men. The Cole is a classic fitted beanie, made of soft-yet-durable acrylic yarn, and is meant to cover both your head and ears. The simple stitch offers warmth and a neutral look. The perfect fall or winter accessory, it pairs well with almost anything! One size fits most.

The Cole is actually one of the first men's hats I ever made for my husband, and he is still sporting his three years later. Like I said, durable! He opted for the Light Grey Heather featured above, because it's a time-honored neutral shade. (He's all about laying low fashion-wise.) My husband was also the perfect test subject for this hat, because his head size runs big. So, if the Cole suits his big noggin' well, it should suit most anyone!

Children's Pumpkin Hat

September 9, 2017
Children's Crochet Pumpkin Hat, Crochet Beanie, Baby Pumpkin Hat, Pumpkin Beanie, Infant, Toddler, Halloween, Costume, Fall, Photo Prop, Girl, Boy
With the first day of fall two weeks away, the return of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte (and pumpkin-flavored everything everywhere), and Halloween on the horizon, you might be thinking about your favorite fall festivities and planning costumes. I know I've begun brainstorming what costumes might be a good fit for my youngest (age 3).

Yesterday I listed this Children's Pumpkin Hat, which is cute by itself, but when on this handsome young model, is just adorable! Imagine how charming your little one will be while wearing this splendid squash? It's made of soft, 100% acrylic yarn, and is available in three sizes; infant 0-3 months, 6-12 months, and toddler 1-2 years.

Last Day to Save!

September 4, 2017
Labor Day Sale, Discounts, Etsy Sale, Promo, Holiday, Eris and Dot
In case you missed my announcements over social media, there is a sale happening right now! Today is the last day to save 20% off any order. That's 20% off any item, and no code is needed! Scroll through earlier posts to learn about each of the items I have listed (as of right now), and head over to the shop to save today!

I have some things I've been working on, and I'm hoping they'll hit the shop within the next week or two, so keep an eye out for those. You can follow on social media for updates (links in the header and footer areas of the blog), and/or favorite the shop to receive alerts when new products go live. Excited? I know I am!

The Andie Cowl

September 1, 2017
The Andie Crochet Cowl, Toddler Crochet Scarf, Chunky Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Knitwear, Kids Fashion, Neckwarmer, Boys, Girls, Gender Neutral, For Kids
If you prefer no-fuss accessories for your child(ren), the Andie Cowl is just what you need. This classic, infinity-style scarf is perfect for effortlessly keeping your loved one's face and neck warm, and thanks to its cozy fit, is harder to lose while out-and-about! Just slide it over your child's head, and on you go. No front, no back, no upside or downside. And another plus to Andie? It's crocheted using a simple stitch throughout, so it's a versatile piece suitable for both boys and girls!

The Andie Cowl is a fitted scarf made of soft and chunky acrylic yarn. Its fit isn't too close to the neck, but isn't so loose as to entice your young one to take it off. (And if they tried, you'd have time to catch it before it was lost forever.) One of the things I especially love about the Andie Cowl is its one-size-fits-most approach. It fits most toddlers (18 mo. — 3 years old), with more or less slouch depending on their age. Score!

Mommy + Me Aubry Beanie Set

August 31, 2017

Mommy and Me Crochet Beanie Set, Mother Daughter, Mother's Day, Crochet Hat, Matching Beanies, Baby Shower, Photo Prop, Family Photo, Gift Ideas, Eris and Dot
Two cute for words! (Insert awkward chuckle here.) I mean, it's hard for me to find them to express how sweet a pair of matching winter beanies are for a mother and child. These twinning Aubry Beanies are especially nice for when you want to coordinate with your child, but don't necessarily want an entire outfit. Functional, super adorable on a child, and stylish on an adult, the Mommy + Me Aubry Set is great for everyday use, family photo sessions, and mommy/daughter dates!

The Aubry and Aubry Jr. Beanies are fitted crochet hats, made with soft, 100% acrylic yarn, and are meant to cover both you and your loved one's head and ears. The Aubry features the puff stitch, providing a classic look with a twist. Available in over 30 colors and multiple size options, they're the perfect fall, winter, or early springtime accessory!

The Ridgely Infinity Scarf

August 30, 2017
The Ridgely Infinity Scarf, Crochet Scarf, Circle Scarf, Winter Scarf, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Eris and Dot
"A classic never goes out of style," and the Ridgely Infinity Scarf is certainly a classic. The very one pictured above is working on its third year, with daily use throughout the fall and winter seasons, in the rain and snow, and is still going strong! My Ridgely is my most favorite cold weather accessory. I wear it indoors and out, and the few times I've forgotten it, I had quite a sense of anxiety over not having it. Ha!

The Ridgely is made of soft and cozy acrylic yarn, and is available in 20 colors. Thanks to its simple stitch, it's suitable for any age or gender, and makes for a staple piece in any wardrobe! It comes in one size (a continuous loop) that, when new, can be doubled up, but the more well-loved the Ridgely becomes, it can be tripled up for a snugger fit. (Shown below.)

The Olivia Cowl

August 28, 2017
The Olivia Crochet Cowl, Toddler Scarf, Toddler Cowl, For Girls, For Kids, Knit Scarf, Fair Isle, Neckwarmer, Eris and Dot
There is something about Fair Isle's tiny hearts that make mine go aflutter. They're so wearable, even for adults, but when worn on children, it's just so darn cute! When I designed The Olivia Cowl, I wanted something that was easy to wear. As a parent, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get your kid(s) to keep accessories on (among other things....). I didn't want it to be too snug, or else it might be uncomfortable for the child. On the other hand, I didn't want it to be too slouchy, because then it would be easy to rip off and lose. This cowl had to be super soft, too, because no child will wear anything even remotely scratchy. I think I found the perfect balance for these criteria in the Olivia.

The Olivia Cowl is available in several sizes; ranging from 2T through 5T/6 girls. Its shape is super convenient for just sliding over your child's head, and heading out the door. It won't be too tall to interfere with snacks or beverages, nor will they mind leaving it on while out and about. My youngest loved to suck on the upper edging, and thanks to the resilience of the acrylic yarn used, that hasn't harmed this cowl in the least!